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I don’t even care yeogin uril taeul stage
Left to the right, we gon’ make it, make it bang
Put your hands in the air, let me see you bounce
To the left, to the right shijakdweneun round
Cuz when we jumping and popping, we jopping


You know how we get down (jopping)
How we get down (jopping)
How we get down
Cuz when we jumping and popping, we jopping

Step on the floor (start a riot)
Where the competition man it’s looking one-sided
Up like a 7 forty 7 we the flyest
A lifestyle you should try it
So shijakhae
Make it last
Front to back yeah, yeah
(Give me that give me that give me that)
The roof’s on fire let it burn to an ash
We gon’ keep it jopping, tell the DJ bring it back


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Written by Elipsir

Penulis, Pelamun dan Owner Shen2 Fried Chicken

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